Diamond Filtered


Water is the main component of nearly every cosmetic product. Approximately 80% of shampoo is made of water.

Drinking water is the most frequently inspected foodstuff. But water does not have to be completely free of viruses, bacteria or spores. Only certain limit values must be adhered to: A liter of drinking water is allowed to contain up to 100,000 bacteria.


The more pure the water, the more active ingredients for cosmetic products that can be dissolved in it.

Drinking water

In addition to minerals and nutrients, our drinking water also contains viruses, spores and bacteria.

Regular filtered water

Chlorine leaves chemical residue; osmosis and distillation do not specifically remove only harmful substances but also important, good ingredients.

Diamond Filtered Water

All viruses, spores and bacteria have been eliminated, whereas all good ingredients like minerals and trace elements have been preserved.

The makers of SHAZAY knew they had to look beyond traditional solutions to find the answer.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute developed a solution that a spin-off company made usable for us. At the core of this procedure are diamond-covered electrodes that can generate ozone in water when applied. All bacteria, viruses and spores in the water are eliminated, while trace elements and minerals remain. The ozone disintegrates in just a few seconds and combines with the hydrogen to become pure water of the highest quality.

SHAZAY haircare products are naturally made without any parabens, silicones or microplastics.

Our production procedure makes SHAZAY products productive, high-performance and effective essences. After all, less is more at SHAZAY. A small amount of product, incredible results!

Regular Care

Luxurious care for fine to medium hair

Rich Care

Extra rich care for thick to very curly, dry or frizzy hair

Men’s Best

Unique care series for the gentleman

Style Selection

Uncompromising styling products for a perfect look