Deeply Nourishing Conditioner

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39,00  incl. VAT

Volume: 250 ml
Base price per 100 ml: 15,60 €
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With SHAZAY Deeply Nourishing Conditioner we have developed the daily care and moisture booster for your stressed hair. The active ingredient combination of finest argan and almond oils and shea butter nourish your hair. Pomegranate extract and wheat germ protein have a moisturizing effect, make the hair supple, easier to comb and provide natural shine. Keratin helps maintain healthy hair structure and rebuild damaged hair. In addition, the formula provides natural shine, anti-hair breakage and anti-frizz. The wellness experience for your hair! Of course, our conditioner also convinces with our signature fragrance.

Let yourself be whisked away to your very own 5-star hair spa in your own home. The daily luxury for your hair!


To use

    • Wash hair with SHAZAY shampoo adapted to your hair type.
    • Depending on hair length, apply 1 (short and medium-length hair) to at most 3 pumps (very long and thick hair) of the Conditioner to the lengths and ends of the hair.IMPORTANT: use A SMALL AMOUNT in the beginning!
    • Let the conditioner work on your hair for 1-2 minutes, giving the active ingredients time to take effect.
    • Rinse thoroughly.

Since our SHAZAY care products are very rich, a combination of Deeply Nourishing Conditioner and Wholesome Care Masque or Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner is not recommended.

  • Dermatologisch getestet
  • No Silicon
  • No Paraben
  • No Microplastic
Dermatologically tested: Excellent! Each of our products is independently dermatologically tested. We work on every SHAZAY product until our compositions yield optimum results. This also means that our products are especially well suited for sensitive scalps.
No silicone: silicone envelopes the hair in a thick protective mantle. This makes the hair smoother, and the silicone reflects the light, making the hair shine. The layer of silicone grows thicker and thicker with each use, preventing active ingredients from penetrating the hair and gradually making it heavy and lifeless over time.
No parabens: parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Thanks to our Diamond Filtered Water, our products are free of bacteria, viruses and spores right from the start. Parabens are suspected of causing cancer and having a negative impact on the hormonal balance. Reason enough to avoid their use.
No microplastics: we try to avoid microplastics in all of our products in order not to place any additional stress on the environment. This product contains no microplastics.

3 reviews for Deeply Nourishing Conditioner

  1. Laetitia

    Wer ethnisches Haar hat, kennt die Probleme nach dem Waschen: man kommt mit dem Kamm kaum durch, das Föhnen dauert Stunden und im Anschluss muss man noch Glätten. Mit SHAZAY wird mir diese Prozedur erheblich vereinfacht! Die Produkte beruhigen meine Haarstruktur, lassen es leichter föhnen und stylen und nehmen zusätzlich Volumen raus.

  2. Melanie

    Endlich eine Lösung für mein Haar! Danke!

  3. Julia

    Ich habe langes, blondes Haar. Nicht besonders dick.
    Mit der Anwendung von SHAZAY hatte ich mich erst nicht beschäftigt, meine Haare waren nach der Anwendung von Conditioner und Maske ziemlich schwer und machten einen fettigen Eindruck. Aber dann habe ich gelesen: Ich komme mit extrem wenig Inhalt aus, wasche nach der Einwirkzeit aus. Ein unglaubliches Ergebnis!

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