Brilliant Shine Gel Wax

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Volume: 100 ml
Base price per 100 ml: 35,00 €
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SHAZAY Brilliant Shine Gel Wax perfectly texturizes the hair while at the same time providing a flexible, shiny hold.

Brilliant Shine Gel Wax is the fusion of all the positive characteristics of a gel and a wax. In addition to Diamond Filtered Water, the styling formula contains Provitamin B5, that provides a targeted supply of moisture. No matter whether loose curls, artfully tousled hair or the wet look: You can style your hair perfectly without it feeling sticky. Shiny finish guaranteed.

HOLD: 3 of 6    |    SHINE: 5 of 6


To use

  • Rub SHAZAY Brilliant Shine Gel Wax between your palms.
  • Apply in dry or wet hair.
  • For flexible styling creations even in long hair, such as the sleek bun or wet look.
  • Dermatologisch getestet
  • No Silicon
  • No Paraben
  • No Microplastic
Dermatologically tested: Excellent! Each of our products is independently dermatologically tested. We work on every SHAZAY product until our compositions yield optimum results. This also means that our products are especially well suited for sensitive scalps.
No silicone: silicone envelopes the hair in a thick protective mantle. This makes the hair smoother, and the silicone reflects the light, making the hair shine. The layer of silicone grows thicker and thicker with each use, preventing active ingredients from penetrating the hair and gradually making it heavy and lifeless over time.
No parabens: parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Thanks to our Diamond Filtered Water, our products are free of bacteria, viruses and spores right from the start. Parabens are suspected of causing cancer and having a negative impact on the hormonal balance. Reason enough to avoid their use.
No microplastics: we try to avoid microplastics in all of our products in order not to place any additional stress on the environment. This product contains no microplastics.

1 review for Brilliant Shine Gel Wax

  1. Dennis

    Gel Wax will not make the hair sticky and you can easily redo your style. Plus it smells great! The hair has a shiny finish.

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